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How Much Is The Average Wedding In Scotland

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  • 18-08-2023
How Much Is The Average Wedding In Scotland

The Average Cost Of Scottish Weddings

The increasing costs of Scottish weddings are a noteworthy trend. Back in 2015, the average wedding in Scotland cost £29,904. Within a year, this figure had skyrocketed, surpassing the £30,000 mark and averaging at £31,167 in 2016. This significant increase is indicative of a flourishing wedding industry in Scotland, worth nearly £1 billion annually. Driving this surge in costs are several modern trends. 

Contemporary weddings are grander than ever, with couples going beyond traditional ceremonies and receptions to create unforgettable experiences. They are investing in additional entertainment options such as photo booths, food trucks, and even fairground rides, all adding to the final budget. Additionally, weekend-long weddings are growing in popularity.

This involves hiring a venue for several days to prolong the celebrations, significantly increasing the costs, but also making the wedding a more memorable event. While the average cost of getting married in Scotland has seen a marked increase, it's important to remember that costs can significantly fluctuate. Factors such as the number of guests, venue choice, and the couple's overall vision for their day all play a substantial role.

Regardless of rising expenses, weddings continue to hold a cherished place in the hearts of couples. They remain committed to creating a special day filled with precious memories, regardless of the budget.

What Does A Wedding In Scotland Cost?

When the word 'wedding' is mentioned, a flurry of concepts springs to mind: love, commitment, celebrations, and, of course, costs. The beautiful landscapes and rich traditions make Scotland a favourite destination for many couples.

However, the costs involved in tying the knot in this picturesque setting vary based on multiple factors. This comprehensive guide delves into the different elements contributing to the average cost of a Scottish wedding, offering insights that can be of immense help to anyone planning their big day.


A wedding ceremony is the heart of the day, a deeply symbolic moment marking the union of two individuals. In Scotland, couples can choose from an array of ceremony types, each carrying different costs. A civil ceremony officiated by a local registrar offers the most affordable option, costing around £125.

In contrast, a personalised Humanist ceremony, often valued for its ability to reflect individual beliefs and values, can reach up to £550. This cost differential indicates the ceremony choice can be personalised to the couple's wishes and budget, setting the tone for the entire wedding day.


Amid the flurry of excitement that wedding preparations bring, administrative details are often relegated to the back burner. However, these are crucial for ensuring a seamless, stress-free celebration.

Non-EEC passport holders planning a wedding in Scotland must account for a visa, which can cost upwards of £80. All couples, regardless of their nationality, will need to apply for a marriage licence, typically priced around £72. Allocating the budget for these legalities ensures a smooth matrimonial journey.


Choosing a venue is one of the most exhilarating aspects of wedding planning, offering couples an opportunity to express their personalities and style. From rugged mountainside landscapes to grand, luxury castles, Scotland offers an unrivalled range of venue options.

However, these varied choices mean costs can differ significantly. Couples can select a location that aligns with their budget, ensuring they achieve a perfect balance of affordability and the captivating atmosphere that Scottish weddings are renowned for.


Photography is a key aspect of any wedding, serving to capture and immortalise the memories of the day. For elopement photography, costs can start from around £900, while larger weddings or those employing top-tier photographers can expect fees upwards of £3500.

While the cost may seem considerable, it is an investment in a lifetime of cherished moments that can be revisited and shared with loved ones.


For those planning a destination wedding in Scotland, printing can be managed either locally or in their home country. Choosing to have it done locally can cost anywhere from £30 to £3000, depending on whether you opt for a bespoke solution, the complexity of the design, and the quantity required.

By managing this aspect of the wedding thoughtfully, couples can control costs while ensuring their invitations and other printed materials reflect their unique aesthetic.

Wedding Cake

In Scotland, the cost of a wedding cake varies widely based on size, design, and level of customisation. A small cake suitable for up to 30 guests could cost around £75, while a larger, bespoke cake may reach as high as £2000.

Current trends lean towards simple, elegant buttercream cakes adorned with fresh flowers, providing a visually stunning and delectable centrepiece without breaking the bank.

Music & Entertainment

Music and entertainment are key to creating the vibrant, joyous atmosphere synonymous with Scottish weddings. The cost of these services varies widely.

For instance, a traditional Scottish bagpiper may cost around £250, while live bands typically start from £900. Additional entertainment, such as DJs and fireworks, can set you back around £300 and £950 respectively. This significant budget allocation ensures an unforgettable, festive experience for all guests.


Catering costs can fluctuate based on the chosen venue, menu preferences, and number of guests. Starting from around £40 per head for simpler offerings, costs could escalate for more luxurious dining experiences or extensive guest lists.

Interestingly, many venues offer free venue hire if you utilise their catering and accommodation services, which can result in substantial savings.


Floral expenses at a wedding are largely dependent on the size of the event and the specific arrangements chosen. Generally, the average floral budget for a wedding in Scotland ranges from £800 to £2000.

By carefully selecting floral designs and the types of flowers, couples can control this aspect of their wedding budget while ensuring a beautiful, fragrant ambience.


Traditionally, transport is provided for the bride and bridal party, especially if the ceremony and reception are at different locations. Costs for bridal cars begin from around £250, while coach transport starts from about £150.

While this isn't the largest expense, it's a thoughtful consideration that ensures smooth transitions and comfortable travel for everyone involved in the big day.

Hair & Makeup

Many Scottish weddings feature professional hair and makeup artists to ensure the bridal party looks their best. The costs for these services can range from £500 to £1500, depending on the number of people requiring their services and the artists' experience level.

This expenditure contributes to creating a polished, picture-perfect bridal party ready to celebrate in style.

Other Costs To Consider

It's important to remember other expenses, such as insurance, décor, gifts, specialist entertainment, wedding party attire, and travel & accommodation. These can add up to a considerable sum and should be factored into the overall budget.

In conclusion, the cost of a wedding in Scotland is as unique as the couple tying the knot.

From venue and ceremony type to catering and entertainment, each decision plays a role in determining the overall expense. With careful planning and considered choices, couples can ensure an unforgettable experience that is as cost-effective as possible. Regardless of your financial capabilities, Scotland offers endless opportunities to craft a truly special wedding day.

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